google glass

My Google Glass Diary

  Introduction Hey everyone! My name’s Brian Gundersen, and I’m a Google Glass Explorer. Why have I decided to keep a record of my life with Glass? Two reasons come to mind: 1. I̵
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Google Glass While Driving – A Glass Explorer Perspective

  Excluding than privacy concerns, Google Glass has already become a subject of debate among state officials. Chief among these concerns are drivers being impaired by Google Glass. Well, are they
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Google Glass Helping The Handicapped

  When I first got my hands on Google Glass in June I felt like a kid that just got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas. That was the best Christmas I ever had by the way. When people first set them on t
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Why I Became A Glass Explorer

  It was around midnight when I received a notification that I had been selected to become a “Glass Explorer”. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that night… I feel
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