Thoughts And Observations Of An Open Mind

  While I have been keeping my Google Glass Diary, I’ve noticed one thing that remains consistent — I’ve started thinking out loud when I’m recording or documenting someth
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My Google Glass Diary

  Introduction Hey everyone! My name’s Brian Gundersen, and I’m a Google Glass Explorer. Why have I decided to keep a record of my life with Glass? Two reasons come to mind: 1. I̵
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How To Catch And Cook Maryland Blue Crab

If you have never had blue crab before, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! It is one of my favorite foods to get a group of friends together and gorge on. Ironically, it is also rather hard to
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Google Glass Helping The Handicapped

  When I first got my hands on Google Glass in June I felt like a kid that just got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas. That was the best Christmas I ever had by the way. When people first set them on t
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Google+ Is Opening New Doors Everyday

  Sometimes you just have to take a look at what life has dealt you, look where your decisions and experiences have led you, and smile a big, toothy grin. Now, before you go and label me insane,
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